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What is Data Storytelling in Data Science in 2020?

In these series of articles, we will provide you with a brief dictionary of terms surrounding data science including AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

What is Data Storytelling in Data Science?

Data storytelling is a methodology for communicating information, tailored to a specific audience, with a compelling narrative.

It is the last ten feet of your data analysis and arguably the most important aspect. The rate that businesses collect data today is phenomenal. You can now collect data on every aspect of your business and, in fact, your life.

Despite the surgence of solutions, such as BI tools, dashboards, and spreadsheets over the recent decades, businesses still are unable to fully take advantage of the opportunities hidden in their data.

The last step of the data science process involves communicating potentially complex machine learning results to project stakeholders who are non-experts with data science. Data storytelling is an important skillset for all data scientists.

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