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Introduction to Python for Absolute Beginners

This tutorial provides an introduction to Python for absolute beginners to the language.

In this tutorial we provide a much-needed introduction to programming for those of you who have not used Python or another coding language so far. In other words, this tutorial is created for absolute beginners.

We will start the training from the ground up and will give you real-world practical examples so you can best understand each new skill you gain!

Variables 0:08

Numbers and Boolean 4:27

Strings 7:30

Arithmetic Operators 12:43

The Double Equality Sign 15:45

Reassign Values 17:12

Add Comments 18:17

Line Continuation 19:42

Indexing Elements 20:32

Structure Your Code with Indentation 21:41

Comparison Operators 23:21

Logical and Identity Operators 25:22

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